Hello My Dear Friends,

So I have found myself called to organise a reunion for our 30th year from our year 12 graduation, however, I have also found myself called to do it a pube differently than is described in the manual.

I will be hosting a proper event. No casual meeting in some random pub, but a proper sit down dinner private event. I dearly wanted to do it at Curzon Hall, the place of our yr12 formal but many of us would have to take out bank loans to attend and even then it would have to be on a week night so I apologise that this will not be possible. However, I believe I have found the right venue. Dural Country Club have come to the party with an affordable package ($80 per person and partners are encouraged) and the date has been confirmed as Saturday the 21st of October.

I have a team helping me co-ordinate all this but the Gregory cousins, Simone and Jonathan have been and are instrumental in this process. As is my delightfully business orientated and extremely organised wife. She is also very attractive and some perceive her as funny (yet to be authenticated).

Here is what I need from you:

I need you to contact anyone you still know or have contact with and inform them of this plan and event.

Share this Link => https://classof1993.info/

 Also, I need you to fill out your details on this website that Master J.Gregory has provided so as we have your details.

I need you to understand that I am planning this event for not just our year 12 classes but everyone that was in our year from year 7 through to year 12. It doesn’t matter to me if you left in yr9 or yr10 or yr11, I don’t care. I want you there and here are my reasons.

We had a small high school. Whether or not you personally subscribed to the way the school operated or not is beside the point. The point is this. We were extremely fortunate. My 16yr old daughter attends Castle Hill High School. She has just over 400 students in just her yr10. We had 600 students from Kindy to yr12. We all knew each other. Bloody hell, I am friends on Facebook with more than a dozen people in other years than our own. We had an intimate schooling. Good or bad, we all knew each others name and we all missed those that left.

So that’s how it is people.  I am doing it, I am doing it my way and it’s going to be bloody awesome.

I have all sorts of things planned for the night including some live entertainment and please keep an eye on this website for updates.

P.S. For those that may have to travel interstate or international, I am doing my best in regards to venue location and accommodation opportunities.

I also have some options for those that simply cannot include such a trip or function in their budget.

A page will be set up in the near future for those that are able, to assist or pay the function fee or accommodation fees for those unable to afford it.

Personally, I have no money. I am a struggler and always have been, that’s just me. BUT I do have accommodation available for around 8 couples and that will be made available for those in need because it is far more important to me that you come than any dollar value. There are others that will be opening their doors that I know of in time but I do not wish to name them at this point.

No excuses people.

I will work as hard as I can to get as many of you as I can to come. We/you deserve it. We all deserve the opportunity to come together after all this time. Plus it will be cool as.

Love  Pete

Peter McWatters


0451 309 504